Friday, December 5, 2008

Did You Know?

Kate's maiden name is Kreider.

Jon's middle name is Quinn.

Kate is writing a new book called "8 Little Faces".

The Gosselins have 4 cousins that have been viewed on the show- Ashtyn: 12, Braden: 10, Alyssa: 5, Bennett (Benny): 3.

Kate has a pink iPhone!

The Gosselins go to Willow Street Photos for all of their family portraits.

The Gosselin's website is:

Jon and Kate were sent a referral for a Korean adoptive child, before having Mady and Cara.

Kate's left handed, Jon's right handed, Mady's left handed, and Cara's right handed!

The Gosselin family has a sign in their front yard that says: "STOP, DO NOT ENTER!!"

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