Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Are the Gosselins Really Moving to NC??

Are the Gosselins really moving to North Carolina? They can't!! They won't have Aunt Jodi, Beth, Kayla, Nana Janet, Kevin, Nannies for Hire, Jon's parents, etc. It would simply just be too hard! I bet with how great the Gosselins are, they would be able to figure it out, but I will miss them too much! Living in NY, and the Gosselins in PA, we are really close! But if they move, I will be so sad! So would Emma!
So, I was looking on this other blog and it showed pictures of supposedly the Gosselin's new house in North Carolina. Is it real, or are they just a blow?? Help me investigate! Will the Gosselin sextuplets develop a southern accent? Will they say y'all? So many questions that I wish I could just ask Kate in person!
I wonder if Jodi would move to NC with the Gosselins! Then the TLC Jon&Kate plus 8 crew would have to relocate! That could be a problem!
Controversy, controversy, controversy...
From the pictures I have seen, the Gosselin's new house is pretty nice! There is a huge pool, and the large open areas in the house would be really good for the kids to have room to play and bond with eachother. I bet it will be a hard transition for the Gosselins to live in such a different area! Maybe the Gosselin sextuplets and twins and the Mathias quads could meet somewhere! After all, they are bordering states! That would be so cute to see all the kids playing together!
So, do you want to see the pictures of the Gosselin's supposedly new house? I doubt these are real, but it's worth a shot!
Here they are!!

What do you think?


Momof2bz said...

The kitchen looks similiar to last nights show but it isn't the same house. The faucet is different than the one Kate had. (I remember it b/c I liked it) Also, they didn't show a pool. I just don't think this was the same house. Did you notice how they seemed to be close to their old house? I was wondering if this was thru the magic of tv or factual. They left in the am and were at the new house in time to enjoy lunch.

Dallas28428 said...

THERE NOT MOVING TO NC! people have just been spreading rumors.
ps: not everyone in nc has a southern acent i live in nc and i dont. i think thats a bit sterotypical

Anonymous said...

Nope! They did not move to NC! They moved to Wenersville,PA on October 23rd,2008. I have there address, which I refuse to give out to give them privacy.
I am an old neighboor, and continue to stay in touch :D