Thursday, December 4, 2008

AWESOME Gosselin Facts!

Cara Nicole: Cara was born on October 8th, 2000. She was born at exactly 5:41 - 6 minutes before her twin sister Madelyn. Cara's favorite animal is the polar bear. She loves to help around the house and is very kind, gentle, and motherly toward all her little brothers and sisters. Cara is 'C' Buddies with her little brother, Collin! Cara is sporty, but she also LOVES fashion. Cara is very good at reading and writing. She is a total Sporty Chic! For Cara's special day, she went to a roller blading rink, to go skating with her daddy! Everyone loves Cara!

Madelyn Kate: Madelyn was born on October 8th, 2000. She was born at exactly 5:47 - 6 minutes after her fraternal sister, Cara! Madelyn totally needs a stage! She loves to be the center of attention, and has frequent meltdowns. But Madelyn is still a very kind and loving little girl! She is full of smarties, as she is very good at math. Madelyn is a little bit more rough toward her siblings than Cara, but she is still loved very much by all the little ones! Madelyn is more into comfort when it comes to clothing, over fashion. For Mady's special day, she wanted to get her ears pierced and go out for a lunch just her, mommy, and daddy. The rest of the family calls her "Mady". Mady rocks! (Literally!)

Alexis Faith: Alexis was born on May 10th, 2004 along with her 5 other siblings. Alexis was the first born, and came at exactly 7:51 a.m. At birth, Alexis weighed 2 lbs, 11.5 oz. Alexis has four very common nicknames. Those names are Lex, Lexi, Sassy, and "The Wild One". Alexis is known for her LOVE of the alligator - or as she calls it, the "Aldergator". Alexis also has a stuffed leopard named Dusty, that she can't sleep without! For her special day, Alexis went to a reptile museum to see her favorite animals of all time! Lexi, is a smart, caring, and silly little girl. Keep it up Alexis!

Hannah Joy: Hannah was born on May 10th, 2004 at Hershey Medical Center along with her 5 siblings. At birth, Hannah weighed 2 lbs, 11 oz. Hannah is very quiet but also very maternal. She is definitely a "Mommy's Little Helper" and is quite similar to her big sister, Cara. Hannah has a great love for horses. On her special day, she chose to go to a horse barn to ride some ponies. Hannah also has a big stuffed pony that she and Mady together named Puddin'. Hannah's know nickname is Hannie. Mommy also calls her a Long Haired Hawaiian Girl! Hannah won't let Kate cut it or put it in a ponytail often! There was an episode where Scott (Their camera crewman) caught Hannah singing "The Best of Both Worlds" a Hannah Montana song! Hannah's very helpful and sweet! Go Hannah!

Aaden Jonathan: Aaden was born on May 10th, 2004. At birth he weighed 2 lbs, 7.5 oz. - The smallest of the sextuplet bunch! Aaden is a tough cookie, and loves to be with Mommy and Daddy. Aaden is known as the "Professor" because Jon and Kate can picture Aaden at a college with his glasses and his breif case! Over this summer, Aaden and his buddy brothers named a stuffed frog of his "Froggis"! A nickname for Aaden is "Ay-Day". Jon and Kate think that when he grows up, Aaden will be a zoologist! After all, he was attached to the zoologist at the zoo that the Gosselins visited, and he went to a farm for his special day! Aaden is smart, silly, and tough! Keep roundin' them up, Aaden!

Collin Thomas: Collin was also born on May 10th, 2004. When he was first born, Collin ranked in at the big 3 lbs, 0.5 oz! The biggest of the Gosselin sextuplets! Collin is quiet and stubborn, but also very loving and kind. He loves to collect things that are the same or similar. When Collin gets mad or upset, he pulls funny quotes like, "Mommy, you a boy!" That always gives Kate the giggles! Another quote by Collin is "If I cover my mouth, da froggies will beat me up!" Collin's nicknames are Coggy and Colly. For Collin's special day, he decided to go to the train museum to learn about "Choo-Choos"! Collin is a very kind, caring, and sweet boy!
All aboard, Collin!
Leah Hope: Leah was born on May 10th, with her 2 sisters and 3 brothers. At birth, she weighed 2 lbs, 14.8 oz- that's the second largest baby in the Gosselin group! Kind of strange considering she is considered the "Little Princess". Leah is kind, caring, smart, and fun to be around. Leah has a very special power- The Puke Attack. Whenever Kate leaves or Leah gets upset, she coughs so hard that she throws up! Leah loves any animal that is black and white- especially pandas and penguins! For her special day, Leah decided to go to the Bouncy House, which is a place with all inflatable toys and games! Leah is very sweet and innocent, while loud and silly!
We love you Leah!

Joel Kevin: Joel is the yougest of the Gosselin bunch, born on May 10th, 2004. He weighed 2 lbs, 9.7 oz. at birth. Joel is very quiet and a lot of the times forgotten. Joel was introduced as "Daddy's Boy" some time ago and he liked the sound of it, so that's one of his nicknames! Another one of his nicknames is Joelie! The biggest know quote of Joel is silly... "I have a weina, daddies have weinas!" For his special day, Joel chose to go to the Hands-On-House, a museum that is basically everything you can get your hands on! Although Joel might be forgotten, he is a very important part of the Gosselin family!
Keep making our days, Joel!


Michaella said...

I AM A BIG FAN! i was wondering why u are stoping Jon and Kate plus 8???

leah.b said...

I am a bigger fan than you are Michaella! I have some questions for you! write back and we will see who is a truely bigger fan.

Michaella said...

where r my questions BITCH

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Michaella said...

u mean ur a nerd and an ass and need a life instead of stalking jon kate cara maddi collin adden joel hannah leah and alexis

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love your blog and was wondering if you would show mine. It's

Megita said...

i am a bigger fan than michaella and leah.b put together. i know all their names and middle names in birth order!
so there hahahaha

nikilynn12 said...

uhhh do i and im pretty sure alot of other people do too.......i cant prove anything on here because it could look like i looked it up but its Cara Nicole, Madelyn Kate, Alexis Faith, Hannah Joy, Aaden Jonathon, Collyn Thomas, Leah Hope and Joel Kevin. Im not saying im a bigger fan then anyone on here but i feel connected to the kids and family and i love the show, also you dont have to beileveme but the sextuplets have my birthday, i was born on May 10th 1993 at 10:42 pm at Sunrise Childrens Hospital, room 224. So i hope that is enough info to prove it to anyone.....anyway if you have anything to say to me just write me....
signed, Niki-Lynn